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An overview of the uniform commercial code lawinfo. In the event of an open term, the ucc provides terms to be read into the contract. Guidelines on establishment and operation of fmradio stations in uganda. The uniform commercial code ucc financing statements record and protect a secured partys interest in the collateral offered by a debtor for a loan.

X introduction to worship x in the united church of christ. You have already selected the modules for your programme of study and registered them electronically. In ucc, we use the term programme and course interchangeably to describe what. The ba hons economics through transformational learning is a degree in economics with a difference. Uniform commercial code contains the complete official uniform commercial code ucc text and is intended for use as a reference. The transformational learning approach means that you are an active participant in your learning.

Ucc modules for visiting students university college cork. Physical geography encompasses the geographic tradition known as the earth sciences tradition. It focusses on the key features, the impact on customs authorities and trade and the transitional measures in place to move from community customs code ccc to the new ucc. Hdip in arts geography conversion course at university. An introduction to geographical information systems ucc shop. This module deals with one of the most ambitious projects of philosophy. A specialised module on contemporary trends, methods and concepts in a newly developing applied area of human or physical geography. The ucc system gives public notice of the debtorsecured party relationship and the collateral involved. Some states adopted the model ucc as drafted while others made their own changes. The higher diploma in arts geography consists of modules to the value of 60.

Ucc library has a site license to endnote and it is installed on all student and library pcs. The resource is available through united church resources at 800. Our tradition of independent thinking will prepare you for the world and the workplace in a vibrant, modern, green campus. This means that an affidavit which is unrebutted point. If you are taking the higher diploma in arts geography with a view to registering with the teaching council, please note that you need to take 15 credits each of physical and human geography. Uniform commercial code law and legal definition uslegal. The modules are taught through lectures, tutorials small group teaching, lab and fieldwork. Geography at ul consists of modules in both human and physical geography. Because modern commercial transactions between merchants involve preprinted forms with standardized terms, ucc 2207 was designed to prevent forcing terms in such forms upon unwilling parties. Ucc dsocsc participants gather in the orahilly building to start their modules. The higher diploma in arts geography can be taken parttime over 2.

Nicholas chisholm is academic director of two teaching programmes in ucc. Hegels vision of a system of absolute knowing as it is presented in the phenomenology of spirit. Stone explains the impact of each provision in terms of the latest ucc revision as well as previous versions. The first part of the course will be dedicated to a close reading of the very first sections preface, introduction of the book and a general. The aims of the module are to explore mental health and illness, disability, nursing and healthcare through their representation in the arts media, literature, visual arts, music, improve the visual literacy skills of students and encourage students to participate in workshops relating to various creative artistic endeavours. Unfortunately due to the temporary closure of university college cork, uccshop. This division is made up of three distinct sections.

This article applies to a transaction to the extent that it is governed by another article of the uniform commercial code. The ucc provides for the uniqueness of commercial law as an appropriate field for achieving uniformity of law. In ucc, we use the term programme and course interchangeably to describe what a person. It is not in any way to be construed as granting legal rights to any person or as imposing any legal obligation on university college cork the national university of ireland, cork, or the national university. The goal is to ensure that each union county college student is provided equal access to the colleges academic programs, activities, and awards without discrimination on the basis of a disabling condition. Mastering the uniform commercial code with forms the application of commercial law under the uniform commercial code. In ucc, we use the term programme and course interchangeably to describe. She also supervise third and fourth year geography and earth science dissertation gg3001, er4001 students, along with phd research students. The vast discipline of geography is divided into two major branches.

One assignment 1,500 words to be assessed on a passfail basis. The ucc originally was created by two national nongovernmental legal organizations. Information is arranged in electronic format and is arranged in chronological order by article codes for fast and easy access. Endnote training geography ucc library at university. This lesson explains article 2 of the ucc and defines some common terms found in article 2. Legal ucc has training system, strawman, straw man, artificial person, birth certificate, redemption book, secure party creditor, redemption ucc financing statement. A system enabling visiting student module selection. Redemption book, ucc, ucc1, ucc financing statement, alex. The book of modules contains descriptions for all modules listed in the university calendar. All states have adopted and adapted the entire ucc, with the exception of louisiana, which only adopted. Search for modules based on subject area title, accounting 38 results, anatomy 15 results, anthropology.

The material is intended only for educational purposes and does not render any legal, professional nor financial advice. Disability support services are designed to assist students with documented disabilities. The uniform commercial code is a model statute covering things such as the sale of goods, credit, bank transactions, conduct of business, warranties, negotiable instruments, loans secured by personal property and other commercial matters. Goodrich was the chairman of the editorial board of the original 1952 edition, and the code itself was drafted. Digital humanities at ucc is a transdisciplinary community initiative at university college cork. The chosen topic is then developed by the student in consultation with. What are the geography administration office open hours. Unique to this programme is the transition to professional life module. This interest has led her to undertake fieldwork in places as diverse as greenland, the canadian arctic, the chilean andes, and english saltmarshes. This system allows visiting international students to choose their modules for their time at university college cork.

Module descriptions are contained in the book of modules. Physical geographers look at the landscapes, surface processes, and climate of the earthall of the activity found in the four spheres the atmosphere, hydrosphere. The code has been a longterm, joint project of the national conference of commissioners on uniform state laws nccusl and the american law institute ali, which began drafting its first version in 1942. The uniform commercial code, or ucc, is a very large collection of legal rules regarding many important business, or commercial, activities. He also provides several examples and the text is very well cross referenced with ucc provisions and related cases. Legalucc offers ucc1, ucc3, forms which are used in all 50 states. Course details the bsc in geography is primarily taught by staff from the school of geography and archaeology,with inputs from staff from other schools in the college of science. Higher diploma in arts geography ucc graduate studies. Ucc uniform commercial code official text nook book.

Economics through transformational learning cubs ucc. There is a table of contents so that you can find information on any of the thirteen major sections plus a section on definitions and a ucc index. A system for choosing and managing ucc modules this system allows visiting international students to choose their modules for their time at university college cork maintain your current module selections andor search for other modules. X introduction to worship x in the united church of christ this introduction is from book of worship. As you will be aware by now, ucc has semesterised which means there will be exams before christmas as well as after easter. To develop research techniques and writing skills on an agreed topic in geography. A contract for the sale of goods can be formed under the ucc even if a major term is left out or open. Ucc overview elearning module this easytouse elearning module provides on overview about what the union customs code ucc is bringing. Between merchants such terms become part of the contract unless.

To accomplish this task, ucc 2207 modifies the ridged common law mirrorimage rule and eliminates the last shot rule in which acceptance of. Department of geography ba undergraduate handbook ucc. Please note that some 3rd year modules require a 2nd year prerequisite module. He teaches across a broad range of graduate and undergraduate modules in the university, in areas concerned with the contemporary and historical conditions of urban life.

No filter year long semester 1 semester 2 semester 3. Click here for general information about modules and a key to the terms used in module descriptions. Staff times of availability 20192020 3rd arts timetable 20192020 guide to essay writing geography department plagiarism policy book of modules. An introduction to geographical information systems is suitable for students of geographical information studies at all levels, from undergraduate to professionals. Uniform commercial code in a nutshell nutshell series. The ucc and you first edition 1 the ucc and you first edition a brief overview of commercial law, contracts, and how they may or may not involve you.

Permission is granted to reproduce the introduction for use. Within each module you will learn to think critically, analysing how and why our natural and physical world shapes our human interactions. Article 2 of the uniform commercial code ucc applies specifically to contracts for the sale of goods. The presentation of a major thematic area in either physical or human geography. An introduction to geographical information systems. However, when it comes to selling or buying goods, a good place to check first is ucc article 2, which contains many important, fundamental rules. Geography cork geographical studies cork ucc university. The ucc was drafted by the national conference of commissioners on uniform state laws and the american law institute. Geography department in university college cork, ireland. These may be changed up to friday september 20st for semester 1 modules, and friday 24th january for semester 2 modules. Overview geography is the study of the earth as the home of people yifu tuan geographers examine the cultures, economies, societies, physical landscape and environments of the earth using a unique combination of the humanities, social and natural sciences. It is designed to simplify the law, clarify it, and to ensure uniformity in the adopting states.

Guide of the uganda communications commission standard for dvb receivers click to view new. Termination of the contract of employment including statutory regulation of dismissal and redundancy. Contract law is a vast and ancient subject, and you can search through a lot of sources to try to answer a single contract question. The book of modules contains descriptions of all modules offered in the universitys modularised programmes. Ba hons economics through transformational learning ucc. His research focuses primarily on two broad issues. Mastering the uniform commercial code freedom school. For many years fiona has been interested in the use of satellite imagery for monitoring short and long term changes on planet earth. The uniform commercial code ucc is a comprehensive modernization of the law governing commercial transactionsi. Geography at ucc provides you with a broad understanding of the human, environmental and natural issues facing society with a focus on realworld questions. Learn, study and research in ucc, irelands first 5 star university.

The book of modules for visiting students is intended only for the guidance of students and staff. Ucc resources ucc resources united church of christ. Selection of any module is governed by the programme requirements outlined in the university calendar for each programme. The coverage is quite broad in scope and deep in time as well. Tipperary, a town dominated by a castle, abbey, the river suir and the galty mountains, it was impossible to grow up without an interest in all things geographical and to know and understand the environment of the town and its hinterland from a physical and human perspective. Geography department in university college cork, ireland learn, study and research in ucc, irelands first 5 star university. The ucc is the longest and most elaborate of the uniform acts. Students will examine the impact of place and geography for innovation in countries.

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