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The legend of korra introduces the first avatar in. After being banished from his home, he learned to coexist with the spirits, deciding to help bring balance between them and the rest of mankind, a quest that eventually led to him becoming the first avatar. List of the legend of korra episodes avatar wiki fandom. The last airbender, the legend of korra, the comics, and the upcoming netflix live action atla series. Legend of korra book 2 episodes 78,lindsey strilling ha tetszett iratkozz fel. A number of episodes were especially praised for their writing, themes, and animation. The legend of korra beginnings, part 1 tv episode 20. Heres a little theory of wan and how he became the avatar. Korra, the series protagonist, is the next incarnation of the avatar after aang of avatar. In episode 3 of atla, we get to see a room in the southern air temple that had a statue for every avatar in order, down to roku. Spirits is the second season of the animated tv series the legend of korra by. Beginnings, part 1 is the seventh episode of book two. Four seasons with a total of 52 episodes have aired. Reincarnating in turn among the worlds four nations, the avatar is responsible for maintaining peace, harmony, and balance in the world.

If each avatar lived to an average human age 75 years there have been about 3 avatars which still seems low assuming every avatar, from wan to korra, dropped dead the momment they were told they were the avatar at age 16, there have been a total of 625 avatars still a little short there, roku. Wans story helps korra realize what she has to do in order to restore. This episode has a number of homages to the films of hayao miyazaki. The series premiered on april 14, 2012, and ran for a total of 52 episodes. We learn that the avatar only exists because one guy, wan. Also really enjoyed the art direction, story, and music for tonights lok episodes. Telling the story of the first avatar is intrinsically risky, as it threatens to undermine the structure of the whole story, but wans tale is the story of a trickster turned hero. The legend of korra season 2 episode 7 and 8, beginnings. The legend of korra season 2 episode 7 8 korra meets avatar. Do we know how many avatars there have been following wan. We never get a concrete number, but there were many avatars. With janet varney, steven yeun, april stewart, barbara goodson.

Avatar wanavatar onenumber one avatar the firstsigh. The beginnings episodes might be some of my favorites in the series so far. The legend of korra introduces the first avatar in beginnings tor. Jinora ends up at wan shi tongs library, where she is captured by unalaq. To do so, she needs to learn about the origins of the first avatar, wan. The last airbender and the 27th of the overall series. After successfully arriving in the spirit world, korra and jinora get separated. Wan was the first avatar, having lived ten thousand years prior to avatar korras time.

After deciding he would be better off on his own and leaving his uncle, zuko continues his journey alone and ends up in an earth kingdom town. Spirits of the legend of korra and the 22nd episode of the overall series. Some 10,000 years ago, a goodhearted thief named wan grew up in a lionturtle city dedicated to fire, until he earned the ire of the ruling family and was banished to the spirit wilds spirits often lived in the mortal plane at the time. Korra learns about the epic and mythic origins of the first avatar. Korra finds herself in a dark forest as a fouryearold, where. This is the opening logo for the legend of korra, which has been used on every episode except the premiere this is the list of episodes for the animated television series the legend of korra. Avatar the legend of korra book 2 spirits e14 light in the dark. A twopart episode entitled, beginnings, tells the story of wan, a selfless, kind. Legend of korra book 2 wan and raava story youtube. But even apart from that, i thought the episode made it pretty clear, with people tossing around fire with no art, then wan training with the dragon.

The legend of korra is an american animated television series created by michael dante. The legend of korra beginnings, part 1 tv episode 20 imdb. Living in poverty, wan s main goal was to survive and feed his friends, which he achieved by. The last airbender, the series classifies each episode as a chapter, but unlike the previous. Although the lead hunter was skeptical at first to let wan join, he was allowed to accompany them since there were no other willing. Tying back to what i mentioned a few episodes ago, blinks for no particular. Region 1 dvd cover art, featuring korra foreground, along with the spirits raava and vaatu background country of origin. This video was made to give you guys a possible insight of wans origin until his debut in episodes beginnings 1 and 2 on october 18th.

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