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Mobile content management system is a type of content management system for storing, managing, and delivering content to employees mobile devices. Easy access to live camera and playback for remote and realtime surveillance. Our mission is to help deliver the best field service possible to your customers whether online or off. Before you install the mobile client on your device, make sure that there is 1 mb of space available to download the setup. Mobile crm software that will help you remove unavailable from your business vocabulary manage, followup and serve your clients from anywhere product scheduling software and calendar manage your calendar onthego, let clients schedule services and register to events online 247.

We look beyond solutions for today and capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow. Korterra software is an integral part of arkups operational success. The app is available for iphones, ipads and android. Apr 26, 2020 in 1990, korterra pioneered the mobile field workforce management system for the damage prevention industry with the development of firstofitskind software. Our agilebuilt software streamlines your process to optimize performance in any professional domain. You can sign and unsign the timecards, add elapsed and punch transactions, modify and delete transactions, and view transaction details.

This version includes major enhancements to four of korterra s seven modules. In 1990, korterra pioneered the mobile field workforce management system for the damage prevention industry with the development of firstofitskind software. Ezview is a free app that directly connects uniview surveillance products through network, offering a new way of watching live and recorded videos, controlling ptz, receiving alarms and managing cloud devices on mobile platforms. Software that brings the ability to control the phone from. The korterra product suite increases operational efficiency and accuracy on a scalable level. Apr 24, 2020 in 1990, korterra pioneered the mobile field workforce management system for the damage prevention industry with the development of firstofitskind software. Nvr3 corporate software nvr3 enterprise software edge recorder client voor windows mobile client app workstation tool voor.

Mobile client it operations and service management software. With kairos, you will be able to access any sap web application natively on your handheld or tablet on the go. Korterra will remain a trusted leader in damage prevention software because we base our evolution on cuttingedge technology, customer feedback, and active participation in the industry. The ease of managing your clients via a mobile device is now available with fingertip access. Jamf pro is a complete device management solution for it pros to simplify the deployment, inventory and security of macs, ipads, iphones and apple tvs. To install the mobile client software, perform the following tasks.

Sc811 offers free to its members korterras ticket managment software korweb. These sdks let mobile app developers access the gracenote database of rich music metadata through the following methods. The first step in upgrading the client app is to use appstudio to specify the minimum client version required by the app. Korterra is the leading provider of cloudbased damage prevention software, protecting billions of dollars in underground infrastructure. The application center mobile client is the application that runs on your ios device. Upgrading client software for mobile users when you upgrade an app to use a new release of appstudio enterprise mobility platform, you must also upgrade the appstudio client app on a users device. Tosibox mobile client extends the tosibox solution, giving you secure remote access on the go. Wij houden van het maken van slimme en creatieve software oplossingen. It is a complete browser based web application supporting request features like viewing requests. Client databasethe client database can be either berkeley db or sqlite, which is installed independently of the mobile client. The mobile device continues to receive updated information, such as new locate tickets, through that wireless connection. Earlier this year, korterra introduced the latest redesign of its korweb software at the cgas 2015 annual meeting. The korweb app is a powerful mobile application available for download on any smartphone or tablet.

The solutions are endpoint client software applications that run on the endpoint devices to block, monitor, and log transactions like internet requests according to the organizations security and acceptable use policies. This webbased tool documents all ticket and excavation information in a single online database, allowing for reporting, analysis and business intelligence. Contact our support team by phone at 9523681911 x 1 or email at this email address is being protected from spambots. Korweb app on mobile phone and waterline utility flags. Administrators can create policies that provide full visibility into inbound and outbound traffic, but that dont restrict. Bizwire express korterra celebrates 30 years of damage. Designed to automate device management while driving enduser productivity, jamf pro is the emm tool that delights it pros and the users they support. Korterra windows mobile client allows locators to work in any location, with or without a wireless connection. Mobile crm software for small businesses try 14 days for. For userowned and mobile devices it may not be possible or practical to deploy or have the user install the desktop client. Software and mobile clients teradici documentation and. Sync engineautomatic synchronization can be enabled on the blackberry, android, win32, wince, and linux platforms. Connections can be made to virtual machines via pcoip agents, and to remote workstations via remote workstation cards.

Xprotect mobile is een androidapp waarmee u videobeelden van alle xprotectproducten voor videomanagementsoftware vms direct op uw smartphone of. Acti mobile client can also directly play videos that are stored on cameras memory card even when the nvr server is temporary inaccessible or not installed at all. The mobile device continues to receive updated information. Not only does korterra show you how the software works, we make sure to point out its special clientrecommended features available only through korweb, and how those features are of value to your company. Software company korterra has developed a set of products exclusively for the needs of onecall centers, utility providers and others with stakes in preventing accidental utility strikes. The first step in upgrading the client app is to use appstudio to specify the. The starting point for implementing the korweb system is for the client a state onecall agency or utility provider, for example to provide korterra contact and user information, gis map layers or wms web map service credentials and facility membership codes registered with the state onecall agency. If you need help with our software, we understand the potential safety concern, and we dont take that lightly. Kairos enterprise mobile client for sap for ios free. Video push capture live video with mobile devices cameraand immediately push it to nvr for evidence recording through wireless networks. An online demonstration is a quick and easy way to see how korterras software will benefit your company. On this screen user can enter his username and password and click login button. Pcoip software clients are applications that establish pcoip sessions with remote windows or linux desktops.

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare. With steelcentral controller for steelhead mobile, you can centrally manage concurrent user licenses and the software clients for steelhead mobile. Steelcentral controller for steelhead mobile riverbed. Ezview for phone applicable to mobile phone android and ios and ipad. Acti mobile client allows you to view and control cameras on your smartphone or tablet. Tosibox mobile client secure remote access on the go. The primary goal of berkeley db is to deliver fast, scalable and flexible data management services to your application while remaining transparent to the enduser. All locate tickets are uploaded onto the mobile device through a wireless internet connection.

When user clicks on mobile client icon, user gets login screen like this. Mobile content management system top software at capterra. You can easily order, set up, and manage your companys apple and windows devices all in one, integrated platform. Our workforce management system is designed so that excavators can streamline the submission of locate tickets to a one call center. The company is not responsible for any technical malfunction or other problems of any telephone network or service, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or mobile phone equipment, software, failure of email or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet or at any site or combination thereof, including injury or damage to users or to any other. Manage your help desk effectively by creating, assigning, closing, or deleting requests on your phone keep track of request status and active online support representatives.

Korterra is currently seeking a highly motivated it professional to assist our clients nationwide on the use of our product suite. You must have access to the installation software of maxdb 7. This app streamlines ticket processing, allowing users to complete their work on a mobile device in the field. Ras mobile viewer voor camtech recorders voor android en ios. If authentication fails, a dialog popup generates, for login failed. Korterra one call ticket management software streamlines your 811 locate. Servicemaxs mobile client software allows you to easily eliminate inefficiencies, solve customer issues and drive growth from your iphone, android or blackberry device. Search for requests easily by request id, user account details, and more.

Future forward client spie enterprise mobile application. Users have the ability to view all their tickets on a map and prioritize daily tickets based on geographic location. On clicking login button, application authenticates user. Korterra also develops custom software at the direction of our clients. Download acti software, firmware and other resources.

I would like to commend the korterra team for their readiness to provide support and their willingness to help provide solutions to the new challenges that face us in our quest to provide a more cost effective damage prevention program in arkansas. Filter by license to discover only free or open source alternatives. Korterra to integrate one call underground construction. Thats why korterra offers the damage prevention industrys most responsive client support to back up its product suite.

It has automated many of their former manual processes and by housing all information electronically in a centralized system, the opportunities for reporting and analysis are endless. After successful login, rml mobile client form is displayed. Korterra, an industry leading software provider in chanhassen, mn is currently seeking a highly motivated it professional to assist our clients nationwide on the use of our product suite. Korterra introduced the capability to send and receive one call tickets electronically and in turn, profoundly increased efficiency throughout the field. Twixl is a creative platform that enables you to create your own native apps and to instantly manage all the contents in the app. Berkeley db is a generalpurpose, highperformance, embedded database that is designed for highthroughput applications. The most challenging aspect of developing mobile applications is fitting compelling application features into small mobile devices. While your software continues to be an integral part of our success in the daytoday operations of our company, it is your people that have made the difference. Here user gets option to here user gets option to compose message, manage contacts, manage templates and check balance. This version includes major enhancements to four of korterras seven modules. The mobile client is a version of the workforce autotime application that can be run as a native app on mobile devices such as the iphone, ipad, and samsung galaxy. Mobile clientwhen you install the mobile client, the following components are provided. Korterra has one call ticket management software available to fit a variety of organizations working in the damage prevention industry. You use the mobile client to list the catalog of available applications in the application center.

Administrators can create policies that provide full visibility into inbound and outbound traffic, but that dont restrict use of the device. Qualified candidates must possess a strong understanding of computers, superior communication skills, time management proficiency, and a desire to expand their software, database, web, and overall technical expertise. Thats why korterra prioritizes immediate customer support. This application must be present on your device if you want to install on your device applications from your private application repository. Mobile client app utitilies acti lees hier alles over deze.

The system installs the maxdb in the drive where you have installed. Upgrading client software for mobile users documentation. The mobile client is sometimes referred to as the application center installer. Mobile client manageengine supportcenter plus mobile client improves the efficiency and productivity of your support system by providing the support reps with the ability to instantly access their requests while they are away from their desk through their mobile devices. Instead, the mobile client offers most of the same functionality and can run in a web browser on nearly any device. Find the best mobile content management system for your business. Kairos is a sap gui client for your mobile devices. An online demonstration is a quick and easy way to see how korterra s software will benefit your company.

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