Passive solar tracker pdf

Design of a novel passive solar tracker request pdf. The solar tracker is passively activated by aluminiumsteel bimetallic strips and controlled by a viscous damper. Passive trackers such as zomeworks uses no motors, no gears and no controls that can fail. Mothers supersimple solar tracker diy mother earth.

The paper overviews the design parameters, construction, types and drive system techniques covering different usage application. Zomeworks track racks increase electrical output of photovoltaic modules by 25% or more compared to modules on fixed mounts. Mothers supersimple solar tracker created by dennis burkholder improves on steve baers solar tracker design using freon. Design of a novel passive solar tracker sciencedirect. The solar panel arrays in the solar energy park use a passive tracking system which allows for the panels to increase. Design and construction of a dual axis passive solar tracker, for use on yucatan conference paper pdf available january 2011 with 1,200 reads how we measure reads.

The built system had a calculated annual energy gain of 48. Authors in 8 designed a novel passive solar tracker using aluminumsteel bimetallic strips, their prototype allowed for gains as high as 23% in production compared to fixed solar panels. Track rack passive solar trackers, are costeffective, reliable single axis trackers that use no external power to target the sun. Compared to a single axis tracker, the dualaxis tracker had an annual energy gain of 36. Typical single day timelapse of zomeworks passive solar trackers. This is a video of the panels i will be using at the uf biodiesel plant. A novel, low cost solar tracker suitable for use in equatorial regions around the world is presented. Windows act as collectors in a passive solar design, while active solar systems use additional equipment.

A solar tracker is a device onto which solar panels are fitted which tracks the motion of the sun across the sky ensuring that the maximum amount of sunlight strikes the panels throughout the day. Main focus of this device is to harvest the maximum solar energy. At maximum, the solar tracker was perpendicular to the light source by 1. Active trackers such as wattsun track the sun from east to west using electronic sensors and motor or actuator drives. Pdf design and fabrication of passive solar tracker. For a university project, my team designed and built a dual axis, passive solar tracker for a 400w solar panel 48 by 48. We are not currently making any passive trackers but do have powered trackers available. At present, the solar tracking systems use electrical energy for tracking operations and this electrical energy. Tracker alignment can be fined tuned with minor adjustments to the shadow plates for even better results. Pdf design and construction of a dual axis passive solar. The zomeworks passive solar tracking mounting system. During partly cloudy conditions, the tracker fixes on the brightest area of the sky, capturing the maximum amount of sunlight available. Simulated result used to determine the voltage, current and power given by solar tracker during particular time over the.

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